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Corporate Health Services

Haley is here to:

Help determined and hard working employees become more confident within themselves to take their career and personal life to the next level. This starts with; health, wellness, and fitness.

You are an employer sick of the high healthcare cost trends within your workforce. Or maybe you are the employee unable to complete activities due to emotional, physical, and mental state being unhappy, stressed, and quite frankly–pissed off. You have low energy throughout the day and you’re ready for a change.

Welcome to Haley’s Corporate Health Services. Haley is your Go-To Gal when it comes to setting your company up for success with engaging corporate wellness services to retain and attract top talent, increase productivity, and boost morale, both in and out of the workplace.

Ideal Target Market: 

Determined and hard working employees or employer who are eager to see their work force succeed

Ideal Clientele:

Type A Personality (hello lawyers, business savvy individuals, accountants, entrepreneurs, consultants, etc.), Individuals who are hungry for more, but unclear on how to get there. Stressed out from work. Tired. Frustrated. Eager to grow. Ready to make a difference within their workforce.

Corporate Health Services Include:

In-Person Services:

  • Group Fitness Events
  • Health Fair Vendor
  • Speaking Engagements through engaging, and interactive presentations

Online Tangible Content:

  • Goal Oriented Online Training and Nutrition Challenges
  • Blog, Newsletter, Bar Bulletin Article Creation
  • Workout Videos
  • Webinars
  • Social Media Product Promotion and Collaboration


To get started, email your Corporate Health Guru Haley at!

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