Workout + Meal Plan
Best Value!

  • 6‑Week Workout Program: $300$50.00/week
  • 12‑Week Workout Program: $500$41.67/week
  • 6‑Week Corporate Wellness Workout Program: $150$25.00/week
  • Monthly Workout Program: $125$31.25/week

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Meal Plan Only

  • 7‑Day Jumpstart Cleanse Meal Plan: $40$40.00/week
  • 4‑Week Meal Plan: $125$31.25/week
  • 7‑Day Cleanse + 4‑Week Meal Plan: $150$30.00/week
  • Monthly Meal Plan: $75$18.75/week

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Why Online Training?

At Amp Up Fitness, your Trainer Haley, offers you Goal-Oriented Online Training Programs and Meal Plans, because every health concern–whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional–is unique to each person. We customize programs for individuals and companies nationwide, setting you or your company up for long-term success.

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How Training Works

Once you’ve picked a training goal, training duration and filled out the online health assessment, Trainer Haley will custom build you a training schedule and meal plan to best fit you and your goal! You will be asked to do a weekly check-in to report how you’ve progressed and how it’s going. If you sign up for the budget friendly month-to-month program, each month you have the option to continue working towards your specific goal or select a new goal each month!

All Training Programs Include:

  • Personalized training program based off your needs and goals.
  • Weekly Meal Plan based off your training goal.
  • Direct access to a library of over 100+ exercises
  • Education on the importance of proper nutrition, weight training techniques, motivation and moderation.
  • Access to Haley via email or the site
  • Weekly check-ins to track progress and adjust the workout program or meal plan as needed.
  • Daily health and wellness tips, motivation and inspiration from Haley through her social media.
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How Meal Plans Work

Once you’ve picked a meal plan and filled out the online health assessment, Trainer Haley will personalize the meal plan to best fit your wants and needs. If you sign up for the budget friendly month-to-month program, each month you have the option continue working towards your specific goal or select a new goal each month!

All Meal Plans Include:

  • Free consultation with Haley
  • Access to Haley via email or the site
  • Recipes
  • Approved food list
  • Supplementation guidelines
  • Education on the importance of different macronutrients


12-Week Training and Nutrition Program:

My girlfriend started training with Haley coupe months before I did, and she decided to purchase 12-Week Training and Nutrition Program as a Christmas present for myself. Haley sent us free Level-1 Ice Cream Sandwich flavored protein powder. Each workout pushed and challenged myself, but what I loved most was Haley specifically built program for my girlfriend and myself so we can workout on the same days. Even though they were different workouts, we always finished together and got the chance to push one another both with fitness and nutrition.

– Alex S.

I reached out to Haley 5 months prior to my wedding to help whip my butt into shape. She titled the series “Bride 2 Be”. Each month I received new training program that was designed around my schedule, equipment available and fitness goals. In 5-months I gained confidence, strength, dropped pant size and am able to continue pushing and challenging myself daily to become my best self!

– Brittney N.

Brittney N.

4-Week Meal and Supplement Plan:

Haley, Oh my word Girl! You are wild! I never expected this much detail and content! Thank you for helping me learn that consistency is key and to never give up. My biggest problem came to wanting “quick” results, and I continue to learn what you taught me and know that this is a “lifestyle”. Thank you for your continual guidance and support!

– Debbie K.

Haley has always taken the time to better accommodate my needs. I have completed several of her programs, challenges, followed her on Social Media and enjoyed all the content she puts out to help others strive for there best!

– Diane W.

I have followed Haley on her social media site @HaleyAmpUpFit for a while and finally made the decision to send her a email. Best thing I’ve ever done! She is so relatable, I feel like I’ve not only gained the best trainer but also my biggest supporter and a friend. Her workout plans are completely customized and tailored to your needs, same with the meals. I couldn’t ask for anything better and I suggest you get in contact with her ASAP and start being the best you that you can be!

– Ginny C.

Ginny C.

4-week Training and Nutrition program starting with 7-Day Jumpstart Cleanse:

To jump start fat loss, Haley recommended doing the 7-Day Jumpstart cleanse, and then dive right into a 4-week Online At-Home Training Program. Doing the cleanse then the 4 weeks of workout was very beneficial. I started around a high weight at 145 and my lowest weigh in was last week at 137!!! I find I am happy staying under 140, where my clothes feel the best. Working out at home was my biggest challenge as I mentioned before but I do love it—especially when I am in a time crunch, and just need something quick!

– Jamie S.

Jamie S.

Haley, I want to personally thank you for doing a phenomenal job, breaking down each section, and really outlining the key areas XYZ Company can focus on now, and in the future to enhance our employees health and wellness goals. We always feel in great in hands working with you and your team.

– Jill S.

I was looking for a program to fit around my busy work schedule. I needed something 30-Minutes or less 3-5X week and she did just that.

– Joe

Kaitlin stating via email about her 3rd month into her Amp Up Fitness program, “This week was seriously awesome! I was sore the whole week, and let’s be honest I freaking LOVE that feeling. The workouts have really stepped it up and are really pushing me.”

I for sure am going to stay active and keep my workout schedules going (also maintain the Bliss and thyroid supplements from 1st Phorm). I appreciate everything you have done for me over the last 5 months and I really hope to impress you with my improvements later down the road with completing my 1st Half Marathon! Again, thank you for getting me back on track to living a healthy lifestyle and works with my work and school schedule!

– Kaitlin C.

Kaitlin C.
So thankful for your help with my wedding, I could not have looked and felt better on that day! Your Bride-2-Be program was great for my at-home workouts and gym time.

– Kirsten L.

“Miss Haley Shaw has not only been such a dedicated and motivational nutritionist and personal trainer, but she has been one of the best inspirations I have ever had to help get me to my goals! Even when I am 400 miles away at college, Haley is ALWAYS there for me at anytime through texting, calling, and emails. Without her, I would be no where near where I am today!!”

– Mary Kate P.

During a global pandemic Haley supported me to reach my fitness and health goals. I started with a 6-week Shape-Up Training program. We continued to work with each other for 4-months. My mental health and physique have dramatically improved! Thank you for your support Haley.

– Melissa R.

Haley consulted for our employee wellness program for 2-years. Quarterly provided 4-6 week Corporate Wellness Challenges. These challenges were always fun, engaging, and motivating for myself and teammates. She kept our employees engaged throughout the entire time with daily motivation messages, e-learnings, workout wednesday, and fun-fit-Friday themed days!

– Mindy H.

I reached out to Haley to learn more about supplements and a meal plan. She provided that information for me and some! Haley added in her 30-Day Core Galore Challenge for free to help me get to my goals. I could not thank Haley enough and suggest you get fit with her too!

– Rachel P.

“Loved the workout program Haley created to work with my schedule and took into account my personal goals that I was looking to achieve. My husband still can’t believe that she got me to work out and stick with the program!”

– Rita J.

Suns Out; Gun Outs 6-Week Training and Nutrition Challenge

Week Three stats: “Looks great, Haley….I’m really noticing a difference.  I’ve had at least 5 people ask me if I’ve lost weight.  My lowest weight so far was 194.5 (week after 4th of July check-in)..  I’ve been adding in 20 minutes of running on the treadmill after the workouts to get down to my goal weight of 192lbs.  I started at around 203-204, so for me 10lbs is quite a bit. I am happy with my results this far, and ready for the final 3-weeks. Thank you for all your help, guidance and accountability along the way.”

Roger L.

– Roger L.


I am so excited.  Please sign me up for the 6 week class group class.  Between the 8 week class at Snap and the Reclaim Your Body, I am ecstatic.  Your post today is exactly what I have been feeling.

Thank you so much for your honesty and desire to help others get out of their rut.

Stephanie E. Shape-Up Group Fitness class challenger

– Stephanie E.

I am leaving for Arizona tomorrow and all my shorts and my swim suit FIT WITH ROOM TO SPARE!!!!  8 weeks ago, that WAS NOT THE CASE!!!  You have helped me trim inches and 7 lbs, I am sooooo happy with the results, I still have a few more of both to go, but I know with your awesome classes that I will be able to achieve my goals.

Please keep pushing us. I look forward to Mondays, Weds, and Saturdays as I know that I will be mentally and physically challenged.  You have helped this 50+ lady get rid of “the gut”—-that thing had me so frustrated—-and now I am excited to put my shorts and sleeveless golf shirts on next week.

Sue E. Regular Group Fitness class challenger

– Sue E.